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Damaging Terminology

We focus on kratom as a therapeutic botanical supplement, please refer to it as such.

No "drug culture" terminology/slang. Certain words are used as triggers for those who wish to demonize all botanicals & psychoactive substances so terms like "high" and "buzz" are prohibited in reference to kratom (in any context). No referring to kratom as "k" - that is common slang for ketamine and we don't want any confusion.

Spreading Misinformation

Do not spread misinformation. Kratom is not an opioid in a traditional sense and the nomenclature around this subject has not been updated by the experts on the subject.

Do not incite fear or panic, especially regarding legality. Arrogantly spreading misinformation HELPS no ONE!! EDUCATE YOURSELVES.

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AKA does not directly condone or promote the ingestion of kratom. The information contained herein exists for educational/botanical purposes only.